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Terry Brown

Software Engineering Director, GSK

Pronouns: he/him, active ally within GSK LGBTQ+ group (Spectrum)
Terry is a Director of Software Engineering at GSK with a passion for people. He aims to create environments to allow teams to bring their best selves to work and deliver best outcomes for the business.
Interests: Psychological Safety, Transformation, Learning Organisations and Org Culture, Mental Health & Suicide, Servant Leadership, Running, and a nice cup of tea
Technical Interests: Performance, Automation, Resilience, DevOps Thinking, Scaleable Architecture

Turning Theory into Action: Building High Performing Teams via Psychological Safety at GSK

Talking about Psychological Safety has become ubiquitous. You cannot attend a meeting without hearing someone refer to it. In some organisations, it's at risk of becoming weaponised - if we talk about it enough, we don't have to actually put in the hard work.

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