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In-person & Online
Thurs 19th Oct 2023
The Oval, London.

3 Incredible tracks, 30+ Amazing speakers to help you


Thibaut Pugin

VP of Engineering, Gousto

Talk Title

Sketches of an Elephant: Journeys in Agility Beyond Tech at Gousto

Talk Abstract

You're a DevOps master and know how to manage uncertainty and ambiguity at scale within your tech organisation. And you believe there is potential to increase collaboration between Tech and the rest of the business. If so, this talk is for you.


Thibaut will study examples of organisational journeys - particularly Gousto - into a fully embedded model of tribes and x-functional squads which integrate business and tech teams. He’ll share his experiences together with practical ideas about how to begin or progress on that journey.



Mathematician turned strategy and organisation consultant, then product leader both internally and externally, Thibaut is now VP of software engineering at Gousto. He has a passion for helping organisations become more agile, and leveraging the power of technology to accelerate customer innovation.

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