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In-person & Online
Thurs 19th Oct 2023
The Oval, London.

Vinay Mohanty

Head of Product, Facebook

Talk Title


What start-ups and scale-ups can learn from product engineering at Facebook

Talk Abstract

During his 6 years at Facebook, Vinay has had the opportunity to observe Facebook’s value driven engineering culture at close quarters.  In this talk he’ll describe in detail what product engineering looks like at Facebook, and how Facebook creates and sustains this way of working through its approach to talent recruitment, development and incentivisation.  Reflecting on his own experience in startups and scale ups, Vinay will identify what early stage companies can learn and adopt from Facebook’s way of working.


Vinay began his career in technology as a UX designer before moving into product management roles.  During almost 20 years working in technology he has worked in companies of all shapes and sizes through startup, scale up, enterprise and big tech.  His experience spans multiple industries and brands including Moonpig, Sky and Vodafone.  

Vinay Mohanty
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