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We help enterprises succeed

by maintaining the ability

to rapidly adapt to their environment and customer needs, whilst staying true to an authentic purpose.

The SEACOM evolution

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When we held the first-ever Enterprise Agility Meetups and Conference in 2017, it began with a few hundred curious people who shared a passion to support their organisations in delivering continual value streams.


Fast forward to 2021, the diverse community has grown to several thousand members, ranging from C-Level executives to individuals involved in building and running the services which deliver value.

The quality of Keynote speakers are second to none, providing a vast array of exclusive insights.

Our online and in-person events have provided the foundations for a community of people that are making a difference in their respective industries and now we want to give people all over the world the opportunity to do the same.

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Use our trusted network of service providers to help you realise your objectives

Right now, your company has 21st century internet-enabled business processes, mid 20th-century management processes, all built atop 19th century management

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The speed at which we can adapt to changing economic, social and environmental climates determines success or failure, survival or extinction. 

 Gary Hamel, Influential and iconoclastic business thinker



Barry Chandler


Having organised and been inspired by DevOpsDays London in 2016, Barry set up his own Enterprise Agility meetup group and conference the following year (SEAM and SEACON) respectively.


Fast forward 4 years and across the events, the community in London has grown to several thousand members.  What started off as a curiosity for many people, Enterprise Agility is  now recognised by a growing number of people as a mandatory discipline within any organisation. This has led Barry to focus on the community itself on an ongoing basis and to encourage a global audience to engage, come aboard and make a difference.


Kate Mulligan


For the past 6 years Kates been involved in running community events to help accelerate knowledge transfer and increase organisational capability. In her past scrum master life Kate led and facilitated communities, helped develop leadership capability, facilitated dialogue, engaged with colleagues in new ways for working and organised and ran training. Kate is passionate about bringing people together to develop and grow and has been part of the SEACON journey since the first conference 4 years ago.

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