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In-person & Online
Thurs 19th Oct 2023
The Oval, London.

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Will Crick

Director of Engineering, Kaluza



Will is Director of Engineering for the Kaluza platform engineering and developer experience teams in Kaluza, which are responsible for Kaluza's reliability and internal developer productivity.


Will is passionate about building forward thinking technology with a purpose. Ex ESRI, Amazon and now with Kaluza, he has been building user focussed platforms, apis and apps for more than 20 years. He has authored predictive landslide algorithms for the poorest areas of the Himalayas, built mobile applications that assist with disaster response, designed new native app platforms to enable developers to innovate and delivered transformational software engineering projects that have proven to increase agility.


Will brings sector leading expertise in building scalable cloud platforms to Kaluza, along with an enthusiasm for developer productivity and operational excellence.

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