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Agile Cultural Change - One Superhero at a Time

Talk dates:

12th Nov
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Squinty smiley

Enterprise Cultural Change is HARD! Digital Transformation is pretty tricky too! A corporate ambition, strategy and direction is key but how do we also effectively engage the rest of the organisation at all levels to make it real, understandable, and inspire and excite people to be part of, drive, and embed, the change?

In my session I’ll tell you a story covering our last 2 years in GSK and take you on a journey to understand how I’ve done exactly that. How a small, co-located, cross functional team, focused on themselves and their capability development as a product, has grown to a global GSK community of 2700+ superheroes in 60+ countries. And how that community continues to influence GSK, strengthen our strategic partnerships, and deliver value through embedded digital capability.

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