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Simon Owen

Digital Factory Product Manager, GSK

Pronouns: he/him
Simon is a 'Digital Factory' Product Manager at GSK, and a evangelist of digital transformation through a growth mindset and personal courage. He actively inspires and encourages people across GSK, and externally, to start, continue, and share, their learning journeys and experience to change culture through global communities.
Interests: Technology and geeking out, travel (usually), Cooking (eating and drinking), and walking for physical and mental health
Technical Interests: Citizen / Tech / Fusion Development, Product Ownership, Microsoft Power Platform

Agile Cultural Change - One Superhero at a Time

Enterprise Cultural Change is HARD! Digital Transformation is pretty tricky too! A corporate ambition, strategy and direction is key but how do we also effectively engage the rest of the organisation at all levels to make it real, understandable, and inspire and excite people to be part of, drive, and embed, the change?

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