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Kim Atherton

CEO, just3things

Kim Atherton joined OVO Energy in 2012 when the team were 50 strong. As CHRO she oversaw the rapid scaling to 2,000 employees and was responsible for organisational design, culture and employee engagement.

She built Just3Things to embed agile at scale; the tool made a huge difference, increasing transparency and innovation, and helping the organisation move from 52nd to 20th in the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work. Kim is now CEO and Founder of Just3Things, working with a wide range of clients globally. Prior to OVO Kim was a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, consulting globally with organisations including HSBC, Virgin Atlantic and Novartis. 

How has HR got it so wrong?

A recent Forbes article quoted the depressing fact that 70% of us are unhappy at work. Yet more and more organisations are placing emphasis on the role of HR, with a higher number of CHROs sitting on boards than ever before. So what is going wrong?

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